Always having an interest in plants, food and cooking; I began a 25-year career as a nutritionist with a desire to create foods that were tasty and healthy by serving a purpose in life.  My vision and how I practice involves supporting each client’s health journey with nutritional and behavioral guidance based on science.  Creating an opportunity for optimal health requires a desire on my client’s part to want to feel better.  This necessitates an emphasis on sleep support, lifestyle, effective stress processing skills, dietary support, and nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements that replenish and support the bodies optimal functioning).

I am most excited about supporting clients’ needs for gastrointestinal (GUT) health, and the mental health symptoms that are exacerbated from dietary and environmental toxins.   Experience and training from the Ellyn Satter Institute as well as experience utilizing Emotional Brain Training supports both individuals and families with a history of disordered eating, and power struggles around food, meal times and body image. Present course work for continued professional growth received by Institute for Functional Medicine Nutrition Therapy.


Tammy Thornton,  MS, RD, LDN
Registered Dietitian

150 East Burr Blvd
Washington Building, First Floor
Kearneysville, WVA 25430